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Van Thiel Transport

  • Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder since 2017
  • Eighteen transport professionals at your service every day
  • We also handle temperature-controlled road transport and sea and air freight

‘Proactive operations means you are always up-to-date’

Van Thiel Transport has been a specialised Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder since 2017. We deliver shipments to all of Amazon’s FBA warehouses in Europe. Several years ago, we noted a growing demand for transport to Amazon FBA warehouses. Our customers were having trouble with the many requirements and conditions for shipments. Because we have specialised in this aspect, we are thoroughly familiar with the requirements for your shipments, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective transport.

Van Thiel Transport has been operating in the transport industry since 1989 and we have specialised in international transport. Besides transporting shipments to Amazon FBA warehouses, Van Thiel Transport also handles road, sea and air freight around the world. In addition, we provide frozen, refrigerated and heated transport services with special buses and trailers, for instance for shops in city centres throughout Europe.

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